Latest News

• Elizabeth has just booked her first lead role in a music video for the artist Bria Marie! She will play one of the band members for the artist. Check out this talented, up and coming R&B artist!

• The details for the feature film “Red Reunion” can now be found at the following IMDB page, Red Reunion.

• Elizabeth just landed another LEAD role in a SAG Feature Film called “Red Reunion”. Currently in pre-production. It is being directed by the talented Anthony Palma who also directed the film “9-Ball” featuring Jennifer Barretta, a WPBA Tour Professional.

The film is a thriller/horror about a high school reunion gone wrong, when a former classmate seeks revenge. The mystery is… who will it be?!

Elizabeth will be playing “Rebecca Crane”, a once shy girl in high school who sought fame after publishing a book of “fiction” about her high school years.

To read further about this amazing film in production, click on the following link, Red Reunion.

• The details for the independent short “Mortem” can now be found at the following IMBD page, Mortem.

• Great News! Elizabeth just landed the LEAD role in the SAG Short Independent Film, “Mortem” written & directed by another talented actor, Dylan Prince. Elizabeth will play the victim of a twisted admirer who would kill for her to love him… literally.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!