Latest News

• Elizabeth has landed a featured role in the TV series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” starring Ellie Kemper (21 Jump Street, Bridesmaids), as the “Dylan’s Candy Bar Employee” whom Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) is asking for a job while being distracted and then runs off mid-sentence. The show is being written and produced by the wonderfully talented Tina Fey.
*Random Fact: Elizabeth use to actually work at Dylan’s Candy Bar years ago. It sure was a blast from the past being there, and was her favorite retail job to date.*

• Everyone appreciates a little drama, it’s what keeps us at the edge of our seats! Well, Elizabeth has been casted as a supporting role on a web series about a young man who got caught up with the wrong side of the Russian mob and there’s no way out except in a coffin. Elizabeth will play the young man’s girlfriend who is blindsided by his secret lifestyle and who is kept captive by the mob in spite of the young man. This series is quite intense. Stay tuned for further updates!

• It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of a project in which it educates people on the struggles and triumphs of those with disabilities. Elizabeth has been lucky enough to dedicate herself to helping in fulfilling that goal. The project is called, “Transition”. A story about a girl named Emily whose dealings with a broken home and cerebral palsy cause her to leave in defiance to find a way out, and through this journey she finds independence and love. The ultimate goal of this project is to tell a heartfelt story in a way where adults and children who experience difficulty when reading text can come to experience the enjoyment of a book too. Stay tuned for more updates.

• Fans of “Young Justice” the cartoon series? Well now that series is coming to life. Elizabeth just received a lead role as “Zatanna Zatara” in upcoming project series called “Requiem of Justice”. Become a fan on their official facebook page for loads of news, promo photos, videos, and appearances by the whole cast page. Just click HERE to go the page and as always stay tuned for more exciting news!

UPDATE: Please help “Requiem of Justice” be the best series it can be by visiting the kickstarter page. Every donation helps the series become more successful by helping equipment, wardrobe, distribution, etc. Visit the kickstarter page here to view the promo video as well. Many Thanks!

• Elizabeth just booked a modeling gig for a website of a vintage clothing line. Any vintage is right up her alley. Check out Honeysuckle and Hearts to view the vintage clothing. And check out the gallery to view Elizabeth modeling the pieces.

• Elizabeth has just been cast LEAD in a short film called “Loose Petals”. Written and directed by the beautiful Azia Egbe. This film is about a young girl’s struggle with relationships and within herself. This script is so moving and I can’t wait until its completion. Check back for more details on “Loose Petals”.

• Head over to the “Headshots” page to view some new photos added. Shoot location was at the beautiful Highline.

• The details for the feature film “Knightmare” (formerly Red Reunion) can now be found at the following IMDB page, Knightmare.

• Elizabeth just landed another LEAD role in a SAG Feature Film called “Red Reunion”. Currently in pre-production. It is being directed by the talented Anthony Palma who also directed the film “9-Ball” featuring Jennifer Barretta, a WPBA Tour Professional.

The film is a thriller/horror about a high school reunion gone wrong, when a former classmate seeks revenge. The mystery is… who will it be?!

Elizabeth will be playing “Rebecca Crane”, a once shy girl in high school who sought fame after publishing a book of “fiction” about her high school years.

To read further about this amazing film in production, click on the following link, Knightmare.

• The details for the independent short “Mortem” can now be found at the following IMBD page, Mortem.

• Great News! Elizabeth just landed the LEAD role in the SAG Short Independent Film, “Mortem” written & directed by another talented actor, Dylan Prince. Elizabeth will play the victim of a twisted admirer who would kill for her to love him… literally.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!